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virtual gallery concept design, creative research & visual design

Featured at Mozilla Festival 2021 – Visit Here

Lead Architect: Marin Vesely
Created as an Abandoned Mall — an unsettling,
dystopian architecture — with the exhibitions as
the remnants and artifacts, these spaces conjure
up feelings of ruin and desolation, particularly in
the wake of social distancing and forsaken retail
shops. And suggest that old systems focussed on
consumption and material use are obsolete and
need to be repurposed for the future.

The CETI virtual gallery is a space to radically
reimagine the future and to welcome artists and
designers to open a dialogue about our own role
in technological evolution. This vision for a gallery presents an alternative to the consumerist narrative and to art and communication formats that have been triangulated through the pursuits of advertisers rather than through artists and the people in their communities.